Montecristo A


235 mm (9 1/4″) x 47 (18.65 mm)

Vitola De Galera
Gran Corona


One box countains 5 cigars.

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Do you like big Habanos?
Then the Montecristo A is a cigar for you. I recommend this cigar if you have plenty of time to sit back and relax. It’s maybe not a cigar for beginners due to the time it takes to smoke. It would be a shame to toss away this beauty.
This cigar has a good draw with a beautiful wrapper. Due to the big size, the roller needs to make good work to succeed. This cigar has a rich taste profile. It’s not a strong cigar more in the mild to medium range.

This Cuban cigar is elegant to look at and to smoke. Every single cigar comes packed separately in cedar boxes, this makes the cigar perfect as a gift.

Montecristo A has also been included in the Guinness record book for its fantastic size at 235 mm. It’s a very special cigar a must-have in your humidor, I highly recommend it.


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